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How to Bring a Balcony into Compliance?

BOSS Construction Group Podcast
How to Bring a Balcony into Compliance?

Benjamin Sens from BOSS Construction Group and Don Arpin from Arpin and Sons discuss how to bring a balcony into compliance. Benjamin and Don are on location at a house property in Coral Springs Florida, where the house is needing to get work done, and one of the main issues is the balcony. With the expertise of Ben and Don, they’ll explain how it’ll get it done.

Benjamin Sens
Say the owner wanted to put this balcony back and do it the right way. What Don is doing right now is he’s looking at the structural inside the soffit, the wire laft, the stucco, the venting, everything’s kind of open and shifted right here. So it’s very important that we develop a customized solution on how to mitigate this. Now the city is going to want to see a permit either way, either a demo permit, or a permit to bring the balcony into compliance. Now myself as a general contractor, I can only do the work. I cannot determine the demo protocol or the build back protocol or do as built drawings. Sometimes our company permits things after the fact. This isn’t salvageable. It doesn’t look like it, right?

Don Arpin
No, that’s that’s not from the damage that we see in the structure.

Benjamin Sens
because it’s done. It’s been going on so long.

Don Arpin
Yeah, the water damage has brought to the place where it needs to be demoed.

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