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Photo Construction site
Entitlements in construction are legal rights and permissions granted by government authorities for property development. These include zoning approvals, building permits, environmental impact studies, and other regulatory requirements. Understanding entitlements is crucial for construction projects as they determine what, where, and how structures can be built. Developers and construction professionals must have a comprehensive understanding of the entitlement process to ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements. Obtaining necessary...
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a beach with a bunch of people on it
In July, Florida’s new fiscal year begins, bringing several new laws affecting the real estate industry. Key changes include: Demolition of Coastal Buildings: The “Resilience and Safe Structures Act” makes it easier to demolish old coastal buildings, even if historic, to build larger structures. This law was influenced by the 2021 Surfside condominium collapse. Vacation Rentals Regulation: A new measure gives the state more control over short-term rentals like Airbnb...
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You can once again apply for a grant program that funds up to $10,000 worth of upgrades to strengthen your home against hurricanes. Why It Matters Hurricanes are nature’s largest and costliest storms. The My Safe Florida Home program offers residents the means to safeguard their homes, which can, in turn, lower their insurance bills. How It Works The program staggers its application process to prioritize those who need it...
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Photo Warning sign
Palm Beach, like many communities, enforces a set of codes and regulations to maintain safety, health, and aesthetic standards. These regulations encompass various aspects such as property maintenance, zoning, noise control, and sanitation. Violations of these codes can negatively impact the community’s overall quality of life. Common code violations in Palm Beach include: 1. Overgrown grass and weeds 2. Illegal dumping 3. Unpermitted construction 4. Failure to maintain property in...
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Photo Permit application
Palm Beach County, situated in southeastern Florida, is renowned for its scenic coastlines, diverse cultural offerings, and robust economic landscape. The county implements a comprehensive system for open permits, which are essential for various construction and renovation projects. These permits ensure compliance with local building codes and regulations. The Palm Beach County Building Division is responsible for issuing and overseeing open permits for all construction and development activities within the...
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