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What Happens If a Flooring Plan Stays Open? | BOSS Construction Group

Audience Member: But eventually that flooring permit, what happens if it just stays open in open an open eventually it’s going to be… Ben: Unfortunately that flooring permit stays open. It becomes a problem. It’s like a skeleton in the closet of the property. So again, maybe one day that owner wants to do a […]

Interview with Steve Epstein | BOSS Construction Group

Ben: How are you introduced to me and how was I able to help you Steve: Another great inspector Carlos Gonzales with ABI, refer me to Benjamin and he said call his number. So I called a number and guess what a live human being named Benjamin Sens answer the phone. And I’m like really […]

Interview with Bryan Landman from the Federal Savings Bank | BOSS Construction Group

Bryan Landman graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and a minor in Entrepreneurship in 2008. Pursuing his career in finance, he entered the private banking industry in Miami, Florida where he specialized in ultra-high net worth accounts. This experience taught Bryan the expertise needed to provide the highest […]

Interview with Morris Esquenazi from Northwestern Mutual | BOSS Construction Group

Morris: The thing that everyone is talking about is is there going to be an impending recession, what’s happening with interest rate? And I think in the real estate sector that’s been really exciting Ben: Yeah, because we’ve seen interest rates drop a little. Morris: Right, in my world, that could be both a gift […]

Interview with Diana Medina from Movement Mortgage | BOSS Construction Group

Interview with Diana Medina from Movement Mortgage. Diana is also Secretary at NAHREP Fort Lauderdale. https://movement.com/ http://nahrepfortlauderdale.org LIKE our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/bossconstructiongroup/

Interview with Pedro Curbelo & Marcelo Steinmander | BOSS Construction Group

Interview with Pedro Curbelo from Insurance Writers of America & Marcelo Steinmander from Berkshire Hathaway. https://www.insurancewoa.com/https://www.berkshirehathaway.com/ LIKE our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/bossconstructiongroup/

Interview with Randy Gilbert from FTIC: Florida’s Title Insurance | BOSS Construction Group

Ben Sens: Randy I want to talk to you about a couple things What things have you seen agents have an issue get to the closing table the most, is it mortgage? Is it rate lock? Is it open permits? Like, what are your past couple cluster messes so we can help agents get to […]

Interview with Carlos De La Cruz from Prinspect | BOSS Construction Group

Ben: I’m standing here with Carlos from Prinspect and something I preach to the agents all the time is to be proactive and to do their due diligence and we always like to make sure that everyone’s expectations are on the same level. So tell us about your history with Home Inspections and your background. […]