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Roots Jack up the Pavers

Contractor recommended that they read you know, some some, some people had some trip hazards over in this area, this little walking area with benches. So, a contractor had recommended contractor recommended they repaved the whole area. Again I’m looking out for the best interests of the association that what they did was they did […]

Doing what’s necessary

So, we’re helping these guys before their 40 year building inspection. We’re assisting them with finding deficiencies. So inside their budget, they can plan accordingly for any roofing or structural issues, and again, myself as an owners rep and a general contractor, I used to be a city inspector. We’re not selling them a new […]

Backflow Devices

Most people don’t know what backflow devices are I was in a continuing education last night. Backflow is what prevents the device that prevents the city’s water main from being contaminated. Back flows are required on an annual basis to be re-certified. So in a large building where I’m working in Hallandale Beach, they failed […]

Approved by the Association

Let me, let me give you a walk around the community and show you what’s going on. Make sure that anyone doing any improvements to the structure that they are permitted and they are approved by the Association. Now, so there is a unit owner doing an addition on the property. So, we made sure […]

How to properly tie a Steel Duck | BOSS Construction Group

Hi everyone, this is Ben from BOSS Construction your South Florida permanent code compliance specialist. Just showing you how to properly tie a steel duck every three feet. This is what the inspectors want. They want solid steel and they want solid metal strap. I’m really sweating in this attic, waiting for this inspector. And […]

Florida Legislature House Bill 1159

Today our office received this letter from the Florida Legislature House Bill 1159 that was law passed in 2019. Are local government standing in your way or threatening sanctions There are many cases of local government actions are restricting Free exercise of property owners rights’ Our company also has found South Florida local governments trying […]

$646,000 Lien we brought to the City’s Attention | BOSS Construction Group

Over here in beautiful North Miami. We see North Miami. Beautiful view on the 16th floor. Here on 135th Biscayne. We just closed out a kitchen and bathroom permit renovation, from a occupancy inspection. And we’re busy with commercial residential properties. Another case that we solved earlier this week was a $646,000 lien that we […]

The Gary Bizwick Story | BOSS Construction Group

I spoke with a guy, Gary Bizwick over in North Miami. Gary tells me three years ago that they were looking for duplexes that were three plexes or four plexes. So they were looking for units that weren’t supposed to be there and multifamily or they were looking for like huge renovations done without permits. […]