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Getting Permits done even quicker in Margate, Fl

Hey everyone this is Ben from BOSS Construction, your South Florida permitting & code compliance specialist coming to you live from the city of Margate. Here, this is how we’re dealing with COVID-19. So we’re placing plans in the box right here. This is for permanent review or renewal. And then people from City Hall, […]

Closing out a permit from 1994 in Pinecrest, Fl

Ben Sens, President of BOSS Construction Group, and Don Arpin from Arpin and Sons were closing out a permit from 1994 in the Village of Pinecrest, Fl. Benjamin Sens Hey, this is Ben from BOSS Construction. I’m standing here with Don Arpin, our engineer. We’re in a beautiful house in paradise, village of Pine Crest. […]

What’s the difference from working with a town house to a condominium building?

Benjamin Sens What makes this different from a town house to house to working in a condominium building? Michael Greenstein Yeah, this is this is what we this is involves many less parties. When we’re dealing with an association, a townhouse, a condo, there’s so many other obstacles and barriers that we have to jump […]

Restoring a house in Coral Springs, Fl

Benjamin Sens Hey, this is Ben BOSS Construction group your South Florida permanent code compliance specialist. Over here with Michael Greenstein from water cleanup of South Florida we’re going to take a look at this house in Coral Springs. He’s keeping his distance from me not only because we have the corona virus here, but […]

Interview with Nishad Khan, Real Estate Attorney

Nishad focuses his practice on all aspects of real estate law, including commercial development, landlord tenant, residential sales and purchases, distressed properties, loan workouts, title issues and financing. Nishad also devotes a significant portion of his time to estate and business planning, wills & trusts, probate, wealth preservation, business law and commercial agreements. Nishad’s website: […]

Structural Issues with Balconies

I’m over here today in Sunny Isles Beach over at Winston towers, many buildings, large old buildings. A lot of concrete cracking. I was up here on the seventhteenth floor. And I’m not scared of heights, but the balcony was shifted. The stucco was cracking. So it looks likekind of a floating area. These buildings […]

A Structure Cannot Bring into Compliance | BOSS Construction Group

I’m over here in North Lauderdale today. And again, this is an example of a structure that I cannot cannot bring into compliance. This is plywood. This is structural numbers tied into a cinderblock. Commercial storefront door in the back of a multifamily property and drywall done on the exterior walls. Again, guys is an […]

Waterfalls Permits | BOSS Construction Group

Just dealing with a waterfall that was done without a permit, and we’re working on this compliance issue. Now what’s really important is that all of these pieces of Slade and stone, they could become projectiles and go right into the building during hurricanes. This is a landscape company that actually built this waterfall. So […]