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Sheila Yale Testimonial

We helped Sheila Yale from Charles Rutenberg. We helped her close an open permit in Sunny Isles in Le Cartier. It was an open kitchen and bathroom permit. Sheila: “Owners didn’t fully disclose to me of what had happened. Evidently there was a leak upstairs. and they decided they would renovate the kitchen and hired […]

North Miami Towers

We’re in North Miami Beach, at a sky link condominium and we’re here to access some rooftop equipment and a roofing system that the permit was open and the property is found to be not in compliance. I was brought here today by the association and the board to determine if the roof can pass […]

The North Miami Project

Good morning South Florida agents, this is Benjamin Sens, from BOSS Construction Group, your local permitting and code compliant specialist. Today we’re here in the city of North Miami Beach. I’m at a house that the windows and doors were completed without a permit and that was found out by code enforcement prior to closing […]