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What is an Abandoned Building?

An abandoned building is any vacant building which is frequented by persons who are not lawful occupants of such structure; or (B) Any vacant building which by reason of lack of maintenance or by reason of the boarding up of its doors and windows, or other reasons, has a substantial adverse effect on the value...
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What is a “Pre-loss condition”?

“Pre-loss condition” is a term used by insurance companies to describe the condition of a residence or vehicle prior to damage. It is the act of restoring the vehicle or residence to the condition it was before the damage was caused. Insurance companies are bound by their contract with their policyholder to return the vehicle to “pre-loss condition.” They...
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What are As Built Drawings?

As Builts drawings are documents that allow a compare and contrast between the designed versus final specifications, and provide a detailed blueprint of the building and the land around it as actually constructed in the end. The final as built drawings include any and all of the following: ModificationsField changesShop drawing changesDesign changesExtra works The architects or...
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What is a Municipal Lien?

A municipal lien is a lien filed by a municipal corporation against a property owner for the owner’s proportional share of public improvement that specifically and individually benefits the owner. In Florida, a Municipal Lien Search protects a buyer from unknowingly acquiring debt from municipal charges. This type of detailed research uncovers unrecorded municipal liens, code violations, special assessments, open or...
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What is Soil Compaction?

In geotechnical engineering, soil compaction is the process in which stress is applied to a soil causes densification as air is displaced from the pores between the soil grains. Here at BOSS, we ran into a sinkhole in a Pembroke Pines shopping center, and we observed that the soil compaction and the depth of the...
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