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What is an Annex?

An Annex is to incorporate a land area into an existing district or municipality, with a resulting change in the boundaries of the annexing jurisdiction.
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What is a anchor tenant?

A anchor tenant, is the major store or stores within a shopping center.
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What is a Zoning Amendment?

A zoning amendment is change in the wording, context, or substance of this title or a change in the zoning or district boundaries of the official zoning map, to be made a part of this title.
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What is an Acre?

An acre is a land area of 43,560 square feet. The acre is a statute measure in the United States, in the United Kingdom and in almost all countries of the former British Empire: in most it is lawful to “use for trade” if given as supplementary information and is not used for land registration....
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What is an Access Strip?

An Access Strip is a strip of land which is part of a lot and provides access to the part thereof used or to be used for buildings and structures.
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What is an Accessory Structure?

An accessory structure is a subordinate structure detached from but located on the same lot as a principal building. The use of an accessory structure must be identical and accessory to the use of the principal building. Accessory structures include garages, decks, and fences.
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