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Florida Implements Major Reforms in Real Estate Regulations for New Fiscal Year

In July, Florida’s new fiscal year begins, bringing several new laws affecting the real estate industry. Key changes include:

  1. Demolition of Coastal Buildings: The “Resilience and Safe Structures Act” makes it easier to demolish old coastal buildings, even if historic, to build larger structures. This law was influenced by the 2021 Surfside condominium collapse.
  2. Vacation Rentals Regulation: A new measure gives the state more control over short-term rentals like Airbnb and Vrbo. Local registrations can be suspended after multiple code violations.
  3. Conservation Lands: The state protects about 28,000 acres of sensitive wetlands in the Everglades, crucial for the Florida panther habitat.
  4. Property Insurance: Insurance companies in good standing can now take out surplus insurance lines with Citizens Property Insurance Corp. for non-primary residences.
  5. Workplace Temperature Controls: Local governments are prohibited from enacting regulations to protect workers from excessive heat, maintaining state-level control.
  6. Building Permit Approvals: New deadlines for permit applications and the allowance of third-party inspectors aim to streamline the building process.

These laws reflect a mix of regulatory changes, conservation efforts, and adjustments to property insurance and workplace regulations.

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