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Navigating Code Enforcement Challenges in Coconut Creek’s South Creek Neighborhood

In Coconut Creek’s South Creek neighborhood, code enforcement has become a contentious issue at City Hall. Residents have raised concerns about the enforcement of city codes, particularly regarding the presence of chickens in backyards. Jorge Mederos, a resident, believes the city has not been proactive in enforcing its regulations and brought his complaints to a recent city commission meeting. City officials admit that code enforcement is mainly complaint-driven due to limited personnel. However, records indicate an increase in code violations issued in South Creek during the first four months of this year compared to the same period last year. While city spokesperson Yvonne Lopez asserts that efforts have been made to be more proactive, City Commissioner Jeffrey Wasserman emphasizes the importance of community cooperation in maintaining the historical integrity of the area. Mederos disagrees, arguing that residents shouldn’t be tasked with enforcing city codes.

Source: TAP into Coconut Creek

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