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Hallandale Beach, FL Open Permits & Code Violations

BOSS Construction Group Podcast
BOSS Construction Group Podcast
Hallandale Beach, FL Open Permits & Code Violations

BOSS closes open permits & code violations in Hallendale, Fl. In this video, Benjamin Sens explains the issues with 40 plus year condominium buildings and how to deal with them if property managers don’t take care of the problems. For more information, please contact us at (954)541-9464, info@bosscgc.com.


Hey, this is Ben from BOSS Construction your South Florida permit code compliance specialist coming to you live from beautiful Hallandale Beach over on Diana drive. I just want to show you guys some things. Again, this is the cracking concrete, that kind of Belize and the spalling. We’re talking about things that we look at in 40, year recertifications. You see how this moves, and it cracks? A lot of people thought it was wood, actually. But it’s concrete. These are safety barriers for the balconies. Okay. So this is where we have salt water erosion intrusion. And these are very soft and they could fall right here, right here. There’s some exposed concrete right there. And they shake. Well, I want to tell you this as if you live in a building like this, and you see problems like this, and the board does not does not want to handle these situations. You as a resident in the community can seek an injunction with the circuit court. If the community is failing to address the deficiencies, if the building is over 40 years old, and those have not been identified. This Ben from BOSS Construction over here and beautiful Hallendale Beach, Florida, your South Florida and code compliance specialist. always watch us live on Facebook. We try and provide a lot of useful content like this. Keep moving around all the time. What’s going on in South Florida, what’s going on in the real estate community? How are we dealing with code compliance professionals. I pray for the families in the Surfside building that collapsed. And I know that’s touched a lot of us in many ways, a lot of our friends and family and people that we know have lived in the building. And that’s why we’re looking at these life safety issues seriously. Again, all it takes is someone to lean on this, that’s 150 200 pounds and these will collapse and we’re in a three storey building on the intercoastal. half a mile from the ocean. So we’re not even on the ocean. And these are some of the effects and we’ve seen a lot of patchwork, and a lot of things here but again, these are things that we look for. And these are very important things Ben from boss construction. Talk to you guys soon.

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