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I learned a lot about Permitting and Lien Search – Testimonial | Broward County Open Permits

BOSS Construction Group Podcast
I learned a lot about Permitting and Lien Search - Testimonial | Broward County Open Permits

Realtor Alma Tomey, tells her testimonial about her learning experience after attending a workshop with Benjamin Sens, President of BOSS Construction Group.

When’s the best time to call BOSS Construction Group? Ben answers in this video. If you need to close an open permit or code violation, contact BOSS at (954)541-9464 or email us at info@bosscgc.com.


Alma Tomey 0:14
Should we call you?

Benjamin Sens 0:18
Preferably you should give me a call when you’re listing the property. If you see an issue, or the seller says I might have an open permit, preferably, you would I would I like to tell people to do is to order a lien search when they take the listing. While this is expensive, it costs 200 $300. It’s going to cause you a lot of problems and protect your investment. If you explain to your buyers, hey, we need to pull a lien search to where I can go to the city. And I can find out any type of open permits or code violations or liens, because these things take 1015 2030 business days to get resolved. And sometimes they can’t get resolved at all, because there’s all this unpermitted junk around it. So we have to find different solutions. But the best thing is to get me involved in the beginning. Hi, this

Alma Tomey 1:09
is Alana Tommy, I’m with United Realty Group. And I just went through a webinar and then a webinar but an actual class with Ben Zen’s with the BOSS Construction Group. It was very informative, I really liked it, I learned a lot about permitting and Lien Search

Benjamin Sens 1:28
in the four bar as his contract, which I’m sure you guys use. You have an inspection period. What happens a lot of time is when the buyers lien search comes in late. You get the lien search after the inspection period. And that’s why our brokers and our real estate leaders all tell us to put an addendum in the contract to say that the sellers to close open permits or code violations at own expense. Because the contract doesn’t stipulate, it only says that the sellers cope to cooperate. Well, what does that mean? So imagine if you represent the seller, and they got negotiated with during the inspection period, and then the lien search came back, you think they’re gonna want to negotiate again? So it’s important to find out all these things in the beginning with a municipal lien search, we know about that. At the moment as anything we have. Absolutely, absolutely. And it’s, it’s a lot easier for me to help you if you represent the seller, if you represent the buyer, I can come in and valuate it or get the seller or their agent to cooperate. But it’s it’s it’s the earlier we find out about this, the better with the lack of inventory right now. I’m getting bombarded just with with problems that needed to be fixed yesterday, when we could have found out about them previously. So again, I’m not trying to scare you, but learn. Learn, like for example, if your seller has new windows and doors on their house, and they say, Hey, I did that why green PACE loan, which is another class I do, that’s a loan that needs to be paid off at closing on the HUD that’s attached to the tax bill. So these are really important things to look out for. And to let your title professionals know your mortgage professionals know, because I had an agent, there was a $35,000 PACE loan for windows and doors, and they didn’t have the money to close. You know, so again, having to note and on our MLS. It now asks, Do you have why green? Do you have energy ecoenergy stuff. So all these things are very important. And whether you’re new in the industry or you’re experienced in the industry, they’re all changing and they’re different from from where you are. So it’s very important to look at the property Call me if you have any questions. I could contact the municipality and we can go from there.

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