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Even done without a permit, Is it considered an illegal addition? | Broward Open Permits

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Even done without a permit, Is it considered an illegal addition? | Broward Open Permits

If the addition is now recorded but the property appraisal’s website, even done without a permit, is it considered an illegal addition? Ben Sens, CEO of BOSS Construction Groups gives solutions to any scenario that can cause to block the closing of your property. BOSS provides solutions in closing open permits and code violations in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County. If you need more information, please contact us at (954)541-9464 or at info@bosscgc.com.


Wendy Rosenberg 0:00
Have another question. It says my question was that if the addition is now recorded by the property appraisers website, even if it was done without a permit, it is still Is it still considered an illegal addition?

Benjamin Sens 0:14
Oh, that’s a good question. I was in Pompano. I was in Pompano. I was over. I was working in a duplex, the guy purchased the duplex as a four Plex. It said on the property appraiser. four units. Under the square footage. The zoning on the property was only granted two units. The city they all the parking on the street was super messed up. The city comes by 15 years later. And n writes every one a violation who has more than two units and all these buildings. This is when the property appraiser says four units. This is it doesn’t legalize anything. The information and and that’s really mind blowing to me as it might be to you because I rely on the information that the property appraiser has as over as grandfathering in or superseding. But that’s not the case. So we really when we’re dealing with these things, we always have to go to the municipality. Even when I was mentioning to you checking the zoning on. Hold on. Let’s go back to share screen.

Even when I was mentioning to you the zoning, this r1 zoning, and all of these zoning in all of Tamarack are three you need to check with the city, the property appraisers excellent, but you need to check with the city. Now this is construction that was built in 1993 This is a 2200 square foot house. It has one unit, three bedrooms, two bathrooms. Let me bring you back over to that Pompano property.

And I’m only talking to you about the Pompano property because it was resolved. But a lot of these are very hardship situations and they’re very confidential.

Okay, so this you see where it says two units here built in 1991. There’s a sketch of the building, we have a sketch of the building. So this building was originally zoned for two units somewhere between now and when the seller bought it. In 2018 let me go back. Originally, this was three bedroom, two bathroom two units, the building was split down the middle. But at some point, they put it they put two bedrooms on either end and they made one they put two bedrooms in the middle and they put one bedrooms on the outside so they changed it to four units. The zoning code if I go to this particular property,

the zoning code is an RD one. Now all of the buildings along this block, they have four units. But they only have parking. Hold on, hold on. Can you see it there? You can’t really see it. But they only have four parking spots. QA and tube And one B and one A. So again, zoning has to do with parking. There was a lot of Hold on. Let me take you guys down the street one second hold on

you so there’s there’s four or five spots or maybe this one is in a spot. But the point I’m trying to make is this whole block. There were people parking in the street like they are now. And the city came out to this block and Pompano and found every single one of these buildings that it said four units on bcpa. Previously, they said you need to do a change of use and convert all of these buildings back into two units. So you see these parking issues and drainage and swale. And, you know, there’s a lot of cars on the street, there’s trash on the street. So a number of things brought code enforcement on the street. And they’re like, Wow, there are more units that need to be here.

Wendy Rosenberg 6:45
There was somebody could have bought it as a four unit and have to take it back to show

Benjamin Sens 6:50
now. Correct? Correct someone bought it is a four unit. Someone bought

Wendy Rosenberg 6:58
a unit they would have seen in the lead

Benjamin Sens 7:03
on the tax on the tax roll. It didn’t have a code violation when they bought it. They had a code violation after they bought it to to bring it from four units to two units. bcpa like the the question like the, like the participants said today in our classroom, bcpa said it should have four units. But the city didn’t have permits for four units. And the city’s zoning didn’t allow for four units. So the client had to pull a change to use to to bet two units that were three bedrooms, two bathrooms each, they lost a little bit of income, because it’s more income to have four units. I personally like dealing with less tenants. I rather deal with two tenants than four tenants. But But again, point being the income went down a little we brought it into compliance, we had to bring electrical a see move some walls around, it took two months and $12,000 property owner was not happy. Okay, bueno. Um, and, and, and by the way, I mean, they also they’re not going to be happy with their agent. So these are really important things. They’re not happy with their agent. They’re not happy with their title company. They’re not happy with anyone. So it’s really important to maintain those things.

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