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Expired Permits in South Florida

BOSS Construction Group Podcast
BOSS Construction Group Podcast
Expired Permits in South Florida

In this clip, Benjamin Sens explains that here in South Florida there’s a lot of contractors that BOSS Construction Group has to deal with their unfinished work and expired permits. For more information, please contact us or call us at (954)541-9464.


Benjamin Sens 0:13
So there’s one thing I want to talk about the first. Well, many things but the first thing is expired permits. In South Florida, we have a lot of contractors, one of them beings, let’s say Service America, Service America went out of business. Today we’re handling in Tamarac, a wall, actually City of Sunrise, a water heater and an air condition from 2010. buyer purchase the property now is selling the property and the current buyer wants them to close these open permits. So service America is no longer in business. They didn’t get to do their final inspection. So now the property owner needs to close these open permits. And what does that mean for the municipality and the City of Sunrise, they would like someone to take responsibility for the work, such as a licensed contractor like myself, they would like someone to come out and inspect on behalf of the City of Sunrise, because it is an attached structure in this. In this example, we’re dealing in Sunrise Lakes, which is a condo in situations like single family houses, liabilities a lot less because it’s a detached structure. But in condominiums or townhouses or villas, they take those very seriously. So the city wants number one to collect their fees, which they always want to do. Local Government doesn’t have. They say 100% of people like like firefighters, ah 50% of people like police and nobody likes local government because they don’t, they only have bad news to give you but when they when you come and bring the property into compliance, they have good news to give you then you could advise your buyers and sellers accordingly and proceed with the closing. So they came out to inspect we paid their fees. We did the change of contractors took liability for the work and permits are closed five to 10 business days.

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