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I can afford this open permit! Interview with Erika Enid from Stewart Title in Miami

BOSS Construction Group Podcast
BOSS Construction Group Podcast
I can afford this open permit! Interview with Erika Enid from Stewart Title in Miami

In this episode, Benjamin Sens, CEO of BOSS Construction Group, interviews Erika Enid-Abreu from Stewart Title in Miami about educating the real estate consumer on what they need to pay, including open permits.

About Erika Enid-Abreu

Erika is the Business Development Officer for Stewart Title in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach..


Benjamin Sens 0:14
Hi, everyone, my name is Benjamin sense from boss construction over here with Erica Enid from Stewart title we are having I’m so I’m so excited to have you here today, because we’re discussing relevant topics, relevant topics that are faced with responsible homeownership with the real estate community. We deal with why green loans lien searches things all the time. But before we talk about that, what is your What is your background? And how do you get there to closing deals? meaning we’re exactly brought you to this level?

Erika Enid-Abreu 0:50
Well, I mean, obviously, I’ve been doing this for 20 years. So I started when I was 15.

Benjamin Sens 0:55
Okay, so you were having a show you were really the title girl was really you were really the title?

Erika Enid-Abreu 1:03
That, you know, they can sometimes, you know, they can turn on the title, and they say, oh, you’re the little girl. Yeah, you can say, I’m the little girl. You know, that’s perfectly fine. But yeah, I mean, literally, there’s so many things that, you know, when you open the file all the way to closing, there’s so many things that we see. And I love informing our customers, and our listing agents or buyer’s agents, everybody, I love to inform them what’s happening in the file from beginning all the way to close. And every single file you don’t know is currently, like a box of surprises, you know, exactly, is that cookie cutter, you don’t know what the property is going to have, until you have that lien search back on there. You know, you see everything that’s going on in the property. The same thing with the property owners, you don’t know what that owner has, you know, in his background, you know, so there’s so many things, when it comes to closing, that, you know, we always want to inform you guys what’s going on.

Benjamin Sens 2:03
One of the things that I encourage agents and property owners throughout South Florida is to pull a reliable lien search early in the game, pull that lien search, understand the deficiencies on the property. Instead, a lot of times these lien searches they come in after contract after inspection period, after the sellers already been negotiated with. So I mean, and again, the same thing with the why green loans, yes, an agent might not know when they list a property, and they’re doing the net sheet about that,

Erika Enid-Abreu 2:33
that is so important. I mean, you know, as a listing as a listing agent, I’m always telling the listing agents guys, you know, ask as many questions as you can to the borrower, you know, do your homework, I always tell them, Why can you do like a little lien search or, you know, pre lien search, you know, if you know that that client is going to sell the property, do a lien search, and then you know, ahead of time, the seller always needs to pay the leases, guys. So you know, that seller can do it ahead of time, surely you know what’s going on? And find out ask questions. If it’s a widely known, guys, we need to ask for that payoff ahead of time sellers responsible for that. So when you’re doing that nenshi you do want to know how much that owner also the property, all the expenses, they need to pay commissions? Why green pay off? I can help you with that, you know, send me a note and I’ll help you and tell you exactly how much is that gonna need on that sheet? But the more questions you know,

Benjamin Sens 3:31
we asked them, the better it is at closing, you know, it is so important. And you and it’s almost it’s almost like joy is to help an agent out or an agent comes to you before that they list the property. Yeah. You know, with typical situations, you’re seeing just the contract, yes. But again, you can really provide assistance and mitigate and it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s,

Erika Enid-Abreu 3:56
it’s rewarding. It’s rewarding, and, you know, not everybody’s like us. Not everybody’s like us, not everybody wants to have that consumer, or their salary, you know, it just be very careful, guys, I always say, you know, even if you’re new in the industry, you’re not new. You can partner up with people that have been doing this for such a long time. partner up with Ben, you can send him a text or email, you know, or myself or anybody, you know, where your team we can help you have a successful career and a successful closing if you partner with the real people. I know that my add is always crazy. You know me? Anybody asked me a question on an open panel, they have an issue. actually see this guy? Well, no.

Benjamin Sens 4:44
It’s real interesting. We’re getting called from so many different directions all the time.

Erika Enid-Abreu 4:49
We are and

Benjamin Sens 4:51
you know, in a lot of time, it doesn’t have to be last minute correct. It doesn’t have to be my deals falling apart. My rate lock and the one thing that Eric Can I were talking about before this and what the theme that we teach our classes on is keeping the relationship with your client? Yes. So for example, responsible home, responsible homeownership, what are your taxes? What are your HOA fees? What are your condo fees? it? Can this person afford this house? Yeah. Because we don’t want in a couple years. Yes, your client, you know, because the market right now is very strong in South Florida. We, you know, I was I was I was just watching the news. Yeah. And people and my wife is in the moms groups. And we were talking about that and for coming here, from all over from,

Erika Enid-Abreu 5:37
yes, because you know, kindness, we live in such a state, we live in Florida, it’s beautiful out there beautiful weather, you know, but we need to really help the consumer, it is a seller’s market right now. So if you’re thinking of buying your property, you guys need to have at least five to $10,000 over appraised value, just in case, you know, maybe you buy that property at appraised value, man, God bless if you do. But right now, every single closing that I’m seeing, they’re coming over five to 10,000 overpriced value in all the clauses that I see. So it’s always good enough for you to inform the consumer, we let them know ahead of time what to expect. Listen, the next year that you buy your product that next year that you’re going to pay those taxes, you know, those taxes may be a little higher. So just have those things in your mind. And, you know, I think that we all work in before so

Benjamin Sens 6:33
not only exists, I like what you said not only existing but one or two years out correct, sort of like we see life expectancies or budgeting in general. Absolutely.

Erika Enid-Abreu 6:43
And like, for example, like I was saying, we all work on referrals, you don’t know if that customer next year, you know, he wants to sell that property that he bought from you, that’s another deal that you’re gonna have, and, and maybe buy another property, maybe downsize, maybe he bought a house. And you know, he’s downsizing because the kids went to college, those things that we always need to think about, you know, that that owner that you selling that property, maybe is going to bring you 510 deals ahead of time. And, you know, you don’t know what’s going to happen. So I think that we always need to communicate, be truthful, not lie to those customers, and tell them the truth. You know, I, I’ve been in this business for so long. And I was talking about about that yesterday, in the 20 years that I’ve been in the industry, I’ve never, you know, giving any kickbacks whatsoever. Because what I love to do is show the consumer, this is what you’re going to pay for these are your closing costs. You know, and I think that when you work with people like that, and you educate the consumer, they think God is gonna bring you business tenfold. Oh, so I think that, you know, that’s the key is to educate the consumer, tell them you know, what it is that they need to pay, do the research ahead of time, and then know listen, okay, I can afford this open permit. I can’t afford this lien. Maybe, you know, $2,000 not a big deal is not going to kill my, my transaction. But hey, five to $10,000 Well, yeah, you know, I think definitely, you know, realtors, lenders as well do your homework ahead of time.

Benjamin Sens 8:16
And people and it’s, it’s, it’s so amazing with what’s going on. Right? Yeah. So I want to talk about really quickly some of the classes that we’re going to

Erika Enid-Abreu 8:25
Yeah, I’m excited about that.

Benjamin Sens 8:27
We have some updated some classes that we’re going to be featuring, sponsored by reliable in the Tri County area. Yeah, we’re gonna do dade, Broward and west palm. That’s really exciting.

Erika Enid-Abreu 8:38
I’m excited about that. And hey, if it goes, Well, maybe we can do other places in Florida. You know, there’s so many information and so many people that we want to help re educate the realtors, not only the realtors, the consumer, the lenders, anybody right now. Because with everything that we’re seeing, there’s so many people coming down to South Florida. Taxes are very cheap over here, okay, compared to LA compared to New York, you know? So, you know, we really want to educate those people. And I think those classes are going to be phenomenal for everyone. Even if you’re a buyer, and you’re thinking of buying a property Come and join us.

Benjamin Sens 9:14
One of the I mean, look, we could do a class on Airbnb, yeah, property investment. We can do a class on why green, we could do a class on the importance of the lien, search, all all of these relevant things, whether you’re a property owner, or you’re an agent, or your prospective buyer, coming here from all over the country and all over the world right now. And I really, again, I’m really excited that we have continued and we persevered through this. And, you know, the state of Florida has stayed open to investors and people doing business and that’s one of the reasons why we’re flourishing right now.

Erika Enid-Abreu 9:51
Thank God. So yeah, I mean, we survived 2020 guys, and I think 2021 is going to be a great year for me Every one, you know, it’s whatever you put in your mind, right? Everything, anything that you put in your mindset you can accomplish. And I think 2021 is going to be a great year, people are coming down from

Benjamin Sens 10:11
all over. I see. And again, I grew up in aventura area. Okay. I was at the breakers this weekend. And then and I see license plates like it’s Christmas and New Year’s, I see license plates all over the place, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Virginia, everywhere. And again, if people have the means, and they’re frustrated right now, they’re looking to move down here and relocate their family and business. Yes,

Erika Enid-Abreu 10:37
it’s a beautiful weather. And I think also, with the pandemic, you know, I live in a condo, I know, definitely I want to move to a house because I had a house obviously. So that, but I’m always thinking like that, you know, now with a pandemic, I went through COVID. So you want to be I don’t want to be my room locked up. You know, I want to see the sunshine. I want to have a patio. And I think that’s what they want. You know, people that are coming down from Texas, LA, you know, New York, you know, they want a house. So guys, if you really want to sell your house, this is the time to sell it. And you know, people are coming down.

Benjamin Sens 11:13
You heard it for America, single family.

Erika Enid-Abreu 11:15
Family, that’s what they want. Because they have kids, they want to have a little pool, or you know, the patio for the kids to play. Come on. I don’t know where it is right now be like, go to the park.

Benjamin Sens 11:28
Absolutely. And I see all the things that you do on Instagram. And I follow that. And that inspired me to do social media. What did what did? Where can people reach you? What is the best forum for people to reach you on?

Erika Enid-Abreu 11:43
Absolutely. Well, I mean, I love social media. And I learned this last night. Yesterday, Willie Brown that I had her on a zoom call. I love social media. And this is me guys. I’m not changing who I am. If you see me if you mean me personally, you know who I am. Jesus follows my life. I follow Jesus. This is who I am. I love giving back to the community. I love volunteering. I love the women’s Council of realtors. You know, I’m a Latina, this is who I am, no matter where you meet me. If you follow me in Instagram, the title girl, if you follow me on Facebook, Erica in it, and LinkedIn, Erica in it abroad, and no matter where you follow me, or you see me, this is who I am. And I think that when you doing social media or any kind of videos, you know, or integrity or name is everything. And you know, this is who we are

Benjamin Sens 12:34
board brought the Miami board and he brought us together. Yeah, nahrep brought us together that’s encouraging homeownership. So there are all these organizations surrounding with amazing people. We love

Erika Enid-Abreu 12:45
helping the community. And I think that when we new love helping the community, you’re going to attract who you want to work with and who you want to partner up with. And that’s the key. That’s a key. No, that’s that synergy. Yes, absolutely, absolutely. I think that it’s a magnet, it’s a magnet, it’s a magnet. And when you work with people that you love, and you know, you really have the consumer, begin to see that, you know, I get calls all the time from people that I did closing five years ago, calling me or this will refer me to you, or someone will refer me to you. And I love that because, you know, sometimes you might forget about that closing you did five or six years ago, they know you did my closing, you know six years ago now, whenever you finance, you know, or they call me for anything they think I do loans on, you know, real estate they think I do it on I’m like, yeah, that’s fine. Give me referrals to

Benjamin Sens 13:37
absolutely, you know, and so if, if homeowners or agents or leaders in the real estate community, if they want to attend our classes, I know in person, we only have about 15 or 30 spots. But what we’ve been doing and what we can do is we can through zoom, we can stream live our classes, we can record classes. So those registrations are going to max out about 100 or 150. And then what we’re going to do is we’re going to do a part two, and three, and we’re going to post these presentations for you as we do all of our content so you can view it at home as well. Absolutely. Yeah.

Erika Enid-Abreu 14:18
Thank you so much. Thank

Benjamin Sens 14:18
you very much. Thank you

Erika Enid-Abreu 14:20
so much. We look forward to seeing you guys at our events.

Benjamin Sens 14:24

Erika Enid-Abreu 14:25
Thank you.

Benjamin Sens 14:26
Thank you Stuart title. Thank you Eric Enid presented by reliable lien search. My name is Ben from boss construction. You could reach me on Facebook or Instagram, Erica as well and we’re always here to support your transactions.

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