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We’re Making Resimercial not a dirty word anymore with David Marder from Level Realty

BOSS Construction Group
We're Making Resimercial not a dirty word anymore with David Marder from Level Realty

Benjamin Sens, President of BOSS Construction Group, interview with David Marder from LEVEL Realty. Marder talks about resi-mercial and the system he has in place at Level Realty.

Resimercial is a combination of “residential” and “commercial,” real estate.

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David Marder
I got two commercial properties closing, and I’ve never done commercial in my life.

Benjamin Sens

David Marder
So what we have here at Level is, you’re a residential agent, actually, let me take one step back, we’re making resimercial not a dirty word anymore.

Benjamin Sens

David Marder
If you’re at ABC commercial real estate company and you want to sell a house, they stick their nose up, and we don’t do houses. And if you’re at XYZ residential, you know, we only got one guy in the back that this commercial. Here, we’re creating incremental business on our agents. Because when you sell a house fear, that guy knows someone that owns an office.

Benjamin Sens
I’m an owner’s rep and a consultant. But again, I didn’t put myself in a box. When I was an agent, a long time back, when I left the city, my whole family was in real estate. I felt like I was doing rentals and property management. And you know, I at the time, I was in my mid 20s. And I didn’t really understand the business, as I do now of things. But but but again, the real estate, the sales part of it, what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to teach these agents how to be sustainable, which most agents don’t have cash flow, and they’re not sustainable. So again, that’s how you have people making the right business decisions for their clients.

David Marder
Absolutely. And we’re finding an issue with that with the resimercial thing. And if you’re an agent, and you come here, and everyone knows what’s going on right now, people selling their businesses and houses in New York, come here.

Benjamin Sens

David Marder
well, they need a house, they need a business.

Benjamin Sens

David Marder
We’re gonna help you with both. And if you don’t want to even touch one side of that deal. You only want to deal with the commerical, and not the res, no problem. But we’re not going to we’re not going to tax you too much on that either. We’ll do something very fair. We’ll take care of the client and now you just got to sales instead of one instead of having to refer it out. And I don’t know why it’s such a rare thing, but I’m happy. I’m happy with doing this so well.

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