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Sinkhole in Pembroke Pines!

BOSS Construction Group Podcast
BOSS Construction Group Podcast
Sinkhole in Pembroke Pines!

Benjamin Sens, President of BOSS Construction Group, checks out a sinkhole in the city of Pembroke Pines. If you need any lien searches, check out Reliable Lien Search: https://reliableliensearch.com

Benjamin Sens
Hey everyone this is Ben from BOSS Construction your South Florida permit & code compliance specialist general contractor coming to you live from the city of Pembroke Pines, corner of Flamingo and Pines over here at Chicken Kitchen. Great lunch, great, get some protein, it’s really hot outside, so you got to make sure we’re eating right. Look at bleep look at bleep going on in the parking lot. We were here three weeks ago, we were here three weeks ago, it was one sinkhole, then it’s another then it’s another, then it’s gonna take care of that Shopping Center and the median, hopefully not they got it under control. We talked a lot about fire, electric, life safety, occupancy issues, but this one is really serious here. And again, you know, it’s unsafe for pedestrians, it’s unsafe for vehicles. So as far as the soil compaction and, you know 18 wheelers driving over this large trucks. We saw this a little bit ago on the turnpike about last year where there’s a huge accident with a sinkhole right near the Dolphin Hard Rock Stadium. I just want to show you guys some of the gems that we’re talking about here. I don’t want to go in the sinkhole or fall in the sinkhole, but we’re looking at close to you know, three feet there. So again, that’s pretty deep look at all that fill that’s eroded underneath. This is underneath the asphalt so there’s nothing holding up the asphalt. Please Like our Facebook page if you like this. This Ben fromBOSS Construction Group, your South Florida code compliance specialist, general contractor. If you like content like this, please like our page. Thanks for watching. Be safe guys. Visit Chicken Kitchen Flamingo and Pines. Talk to you soon.

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