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How does the County School Board make decisions that follows State Policy? | Interview w/Donna Korn

BOSS Construction Group Podcast
How does the County School Board make decisions that follows State Policy? | Interview w/Donna Korn

Ben Sens, BOSS Construction Group, Interviews Donna Korn, Chair of Broward Schools, discuss how the county school board makes decisions, and following state policy. If you need a Lien Search, make sure you contact Reliable Lien Search.


Benjamin Sens
I studied local government a lot and urban planning and did a lot of planning and zoning on the municipal level. Do a lot of things that the County School Board do. Are those independent decisions or are those made on a regional level? Do they get passed down by the state? Or how does that work?

Donna Korn
Our direction is done on legislation so we locally have a great deal of autonomy. And so we actually in Broward County have a strategic plan and ongoing one that we’re constantly looking at, improving, modifying, COVID has certainly had an impact on that. But most of our decisions are done locally, but there are certainly state policy that says these are things that we have to accomplish, we have to show proof that we are you know, following the guidelines that they provide, but most things are the autonomy of the districts to be able to initiate education the way that they see best. And I will tell you, Broward County, you know, to this point, digital learning is something we were very prepared to be able to put in place, more so than in many places across the country. So, you know, Broward County students are, I would say, lucky to be able to have some of these resources available quickly. And that’s really because of the local level and the opportunity that we had to really prepare ourselves to be here. Although I will say none of us ever thought we would be here.

Benjamin Sens

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