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How does Local School schooling affect Real Estate | Interview with Donna Korn, Chair of Broward County Schools

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How does Local School schooling affect Real Estate | Interview with Donna Korn, Chair of Broward County Schools

Benjamin Sens, CEO of BOSS Construction Group, interviews with Donna Korn, Chair of Broward County Schools, about Local Education and Real Estate.

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Benjamin Sens
How does education and how does local schooling affect real estate?

Donna Korn
So I would tell you it’s probably one of the most critical aspects to it right? From a residential side but also from a commercial side. On the residential side, even if you don’t have children, I think most families are still looking or buyers are still looking to find out what are the good schools in my area because whether or not they’re going to be using it, even the resale value for them is going to be impacted by it. So it’s very important that we have good schools in the community. Not necessarily though just the school that maybe you are assigned to. But for instance, in Broward County, we have close to 30,000 students who go through reassignments so it’s really having the schools In the overall community, I think that’s one of the things that realtors really can focus on is even if the house that you’re looking at is not necessarily one where that’s the school that you would choose, because there are so many diverse opportunities throughout Broward County of all different types of educational delivery. This is an opportunity just being in Broward County, you can do marine biology, you can get into health sciences, even at the middle school level through high school. So there’s so many opportunities throughout Broward County and so I think for realtors to really be able to focus on Yes What is my assigned school here for this home but also what is the broader aspect of being able to have school available to you throughout the county.

Benjamin Sens
So for example, what are the this NOVA like we’re offering a special drama program here oceana graphic program like so not only what type of resources your home school’s offering, but what type of resources the county’s offering and surrounding school

Donna Korn
Absolutely many our schools are actually set up specifically so that we can draw from all over the county. I’ll give you a quick for instance, we have an entrepreneurial campus which actually draws on for basically a military J-ROTC as well as entrepreneurial. Right now it’s for the entire county, we’ve been talking about having a second one that’s in the northern part of the county as this one more closely services to the south part of the county. So if that’s something that you’re really passionate about, you can actually pursue that it would have nothing to do with where you’re actually buying your home. So if you’re selling a home and you know that that may be something that’s important to the family, you can let them know hey, that’s available for you anywhere in Broward County. So don’t feel like you have to pick a home that’s specific to that purpose for your children. That actually is available to anywhere in Broward County so that maybe opens up the door for even more options.

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