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How Donna Korn,  Chair of the Broward County School Board, Intersected between Education and Real Estate

Donna Korn,  Chair of the Broward County School Board, talks how she got into education from commercial real estate. She explains how she’s had the opportunity to give back to her community.

Benjamin Sens
How did those intersect education, real estate and then your involvement in our municipal local government, which is so interesting to me.

Donna Korn
So I have always had a passion for education. I was a high school teacher over at Western high school. I was over there for four years. And then I had an opportunity I was invited to spend a year doing commercial real estate and just really had a passion for it. So I’ve been doing that now for about 29 years, but I just could not, could not get away from the education. Part of what was really inside of me to continuously give back and so having an opportunity to be on the school board really allowed me to do both. Stay with commercial real estate at the same time be involved in the education

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