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This is the best time to get things Permitted!

BOSS Construction Group Podcast
BOSS Construction Group Podcast
This is the best time to get things Permitted!

Benjamin Sens, CEO of BOSS Construction Group, converses with Jonathan Keith from Team JK Compass about permitting in this new normal during the pandemic. The level of service has improved where most processes are done quicker, where it’s done online.


Jonathan Keith 0:14
What’s happening with the permit situation for you? I would kind of want to reverse the tables a little but.

Benjamin Sens 0:18

Jonathan Keith 0:18
So are they open? Is the city of Fort Lauderdale open in handling permits?

Benjamin Sens 0:22
All of the cities are open. They’re just even through this whole thing. I mean, I remember myself going to Pompano in April. They’re just operating in different capacities. If the cities ended up closing then we couldn’t have lien searches and we couldn’t close on mortgages and transactions. So the bottom line is the cities are open. They’re operating in different capacities. Actually. If you want to get something permitted, probably now’s the time.

Jonathan Keith 0:46

Benjamin Sens 0:47
Because they’re being very lenient. And I kind of say that half joking and half seriously. They’re using engineers letters. They’re using different methods. I know for example, the City of Sunrise and Coral Springs. Out West. These cities are not allowing interior residential inspections. They’re only allowing commercial.

Jonathan Keith 1:08

Benjamin Sens 1:08
So every city and inspector and again, a lot of, keep in mind, a lot of these building code inspectors, they’re older men, older women, older people

Jonathan Keith 1:20
And they can’t get out there

Benjamin Sens 1:21
And they can’t get out there. So but but but again, all these cities, the code enforcement, the building, the municipal services, all these people have remained open and I’ve actually seen since these guys are working from home, even though I hear the dog in the background, I get so, so much of a better level of service. I get applications change of contractors turned around the next day or two.

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