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Coral Springs Balcony Project Finished

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Coral Springs Balcony Project Finished

The Balcony Project finished in Coral Springs. There was some framing and re-stucco that had to be done. We also saved the client a lot of money by keeping the screen enclosure secured.


Benjamin Sens
Hi, everyone, this is Ben from BOSS Construction. I just want to show you this project that we finished up in Coral Springs. What we had to do is remove this fallen balcony, do some framing and re stucco. We saved the client a lot of money by keeping the screen enclosure here securing the pool. Again, these are some of the projects we work on as well as we do interior remodeling. Again, we’re finishing that on the inside and I’ll take everyone there when we’re done. Please guys, like our videos below. I give you guys a lot of cost saving tips and permanent resolution and different things to help you with construction or real estate transactions. Again, this has been from BOSS Construction, your South Florida permit and code compliance specialist. Stay tuned to the interviews on our channel and stay safe. Thank you guys.

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