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Coral Spring Balcony Finally Demolished

BOSS Construction Group Podcast
BOSS Construction Group Podcast
Coral Spring Balcony Finally Demolished

This part of the Coral Springs Property series, the balcony is finally demolished. It had code violations and it was a eye-sore to the Coral Springs community.


Benjamin Sens
Protected that area with two by fours. Now we’re taking off this balcony. All over this neighborhood they installed these balconies without drains. The water ponded, the water rotted the trusses. And this balcony is cantilevered over the pool where my guys are standing right now Dan big problem. No support to this structure. Huge belly there. Check out these rotted trusses in the city of Coral Springs has been waiting years while this property was undergoing property preservation for the owner to remove this. So this house has a code enforcement violation. And this is a health safety issue and an eyesore to the neighborhood. So I’m really glad we’re getting it done today in Coral Springs. We’re going to cover the inside while we wait for inspection probably on Monday, and then we’re going to patch up the stucco, put a railing over the second sliding glass door on the second floor. Just to give you guys another view. That’s what it’s, that’s what it’s looking like. So this was this was really gonna fall. So I’m glad we’re out here doing this. Along with doing code compliance issues, we do construction management, we do remodeling, so anything you need, let me know at any time and feel free to click below and like these videos.

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