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Demolishing a Balcony

BOSS Construction Group Podcast
BOSS Construction Group Podcast
Demolishing a Balcony

Benjamin Sens from BOSS Construction Group gets ready for a balcony from a house in Coral Springs to be demolished.

To be continued…


Benjamin Sens
This is Ben from BOSS Construction, your South Florida permit & code compliance specialist. Coming to you LIVE from Coral Springs, Florida today, we are demolishing a balcony and this balcony over here where your oh, it’s over a pool. So the original engineer that designed the house designed this balcony with no supports and the property preservation company that my client brought the oh, this is not holding up anything. This right here again, I don’t want anything to fall down. I’m going to show you guys how we’re doing everything safely. We can lever some two by fours and some wood sheathing over the pool area and we’re going to demolish this balcony. I’m going to keep you guys up to date. And these are the type of situations we deal with and as General Contractors, I get asked all the time. You know, Ben, do you do renovations? Do you do commercial residential interior remodels, we know you handle code compliance and things with the city. And all of those answers are yes, I do all of those things and can help you as an owners rep can help you with the construction management. The other thing that I wanted to mention to you guys is, now’s a perfect time to get things into compliance with the cities, the cities are cooperating, some of them are doing video inspections, they’re getting things done a lot quicker. So again, if you guys ever need anything, call me my contact information is below. I want to thank you guys for liking and supporting my videos and my Facebook page and my YouTube. I mean, this has been a phenomenal experience sharing how I’m able to help South Florida property owners like you. Thank you so much, guys, it’s gonna really rain here. But again, we’re in Coral Springs, Florida. We’re demolishing this balcony, bringing this code violation into compliance. Thank you guys be safe and have a great day.

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