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We’re General Contractors, Not Engineers

BOSS Construction Group Podcast
BOSS Construction Group Podcast
We're General Contractors, Not Engineers

Ben Sens, Founder of BOSS Constructions Group, is with Don Arpin from Arpin and Sons LLC, an engineer, in Coral Springs discussing an issue with a house with a code violation of falling floating balcony.


Benjamin Sens: So basically all those code violations on the floor right there, the city of Coral Springs is deemed this is an unsafe structure from the roof failing from the tile roof failing over to the falling floating balcony over the pool. We’re going to take a look at this. And, you know, we’re general contractors, we’re not engineers, and that’s why I brought our Engineer Don Arpin out today, who specializes in 40 year recertifications, home inspections, building inspections, as built drawings. He is our key player into getting permits done with the city. So it’s phenomenal. This is an unsafe structure. It’s a health safety issue. And it’s something that the city of Coral Springs has wanted done for four years while the bank owned the property. Now my client bought the property, she’s gonna live in it. She wants to use the pool. She said she just wants the balcony out of here.

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