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Woods Rotting, The Roofing System in Coral Springs, Florida

BOSS Construction Group Podcast
BOSS Construction Group Podcast
Woods Rotting, The Roofing System in Coral Springs, Florida

Benjamin Sens, CEO & Founder of BOSS Constructions Group, discusses with Michael Greenstein from Water Cleanup of Florida, about a roofing system issue that caused a piece of wood to rot in Coral Springs, Florida.


Benjamin Sens
So we know that when we take off a structure like this, that is the woods rotting, the roofing system, the railing the stucco, all of the sheathing and wire left behind it that’s coming out. We know we have a big issue if you ever seen anything

Michael Greenstein
No, this is pretty bad, uh you know, this is just the decay you know, part of the the the roof. No, I can’t say that I’ve seen. We’ve definitely had to do our fair share of assuring up these types of structures. Actually, a friend of mine has a has a property right around the corner from here that we’re shoring up and we’re basically redoing some of the structure there. To get more information about our company. If you text 55312 and you type the word “cleanup”, you’re gonna get information from our company, whenever there is an industry update. Usually what we’ll do is we’ll send notifications on that too.

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