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Mold in House Structure in Coral Springs, FL

BOSS Construction Group
Mold in House Structure in Coral Springs, FL

Benjamin Sens, Founder & President of BOSS Construction Group shows mold problems in a house in Coral Springs Florida. Mold was identified in a balcony ceiling and soffit. Also there was a situation with a pool that needs to be covered by wood and needs a permit for it as well. Michael Greenstein from Water Cleanup of Florida was there as well troubleshooting the problems.


Benjamin Sens
Let me show you this real quick.

Benjamin Sens
Well watch your hard hat.

Benjamin Sens
I mean, this is something, this is something, for example, Michael that has mold in it.

Michael Greenstein

Benjamin Sens
this this ceiling and the soffit. And everything has mold in it and and the stucco and this is going to come down. And we got to get our engineer out here, Don Arpin. And we have to cover this pool, we have to cover this pool with wood pull permits develop these engineering protocols. Of course, when all of this, this is hazardous waste, it’s hazardous because it could fall, it’s a danger to the public. Any kids walking around here or anyone trespassing on the property, which they’re not supposed to be. But again, part of our mitigation protocol and the engineer’s protocol is to work with Michael on something like this, because this is going to be hazardous waste. There’s also going to be water damage on the other side of this wall.

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