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Getting Permits done even quicker in Margate, Fl

BOSS Construction Group Podcast
Getting Permits done even quicker in Margate, Fl

Hey everyone this is Ben from BOSS Construction, your South Florida permitting & code compliance specialist coming to you live from the city of Margate. Here, this is how we’re dealing with COVID-19. So we’re placing plans in the box right here. This is for permanent review or renewal. And then people from City Hall, they’re coming out. They’re coming out right now to issue our permit. It’s kind of remarkable because we’re getting permits done even quicker. Even quicker. Look at this. So the lady right now in the city of Margate, we dropped a permit off on Thursday, she told us it could be 10 business days. We are getting a building permit for windows for five windows renewed today. So these agents can close on their transaction, where, I mean these local governments they’re operating in amazing capacities. Call us today if you need any construction. If you like these videos, please Like our Facebook page.

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