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What’s the difference from working with a town house to a condominium building?

Benjamin Sens
What makes this different from a town house to house to working in a condominium building?

Michael Greenstein
Yeah, this is this is what we this is involves many less parties. When we’re dealing with an association, a townhouse, a condo, there’s so many other obstacles and barriers that we have to jump over. In order to start work in order to get approvals. We just want to keep everybody informed. We do a lot of work with associations. And so throughout the years, we’ve developed a process that has done very well for us.

Benjamin Sens: What’s cool about your company is you develop customized solutions, like kinda we do like whenever a homeowner needs this or that or a client or if, for example, they have a code violation and like we have to look at things to see what we want to do, what protocols we want to do, if we want to call the city in. If we want to permit a structure if we want to knock one down.

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