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Restoring a house in Coral Springs, Fl

BOSS Construction Group Podcast
Restoring a house in Coral Springs, Fl

Benjamin Sens
Hey, this is Ben BOSS Construction group your South Florida permanent code compliance specialist. Over here with Michael Greenstein from water cleanup of South Florida we’re going to take a look at this house in Coral Springs. He’s keeping his distance from me not only because we have the corona virus here, but because there is a lot of mold in the house clients just bought the house and they want to fix it to live in it the Property Preservation company from the bank, they do as little as possible to keep the structure going.

Michael Greenstein
So here is, some of the ceiling that fell down. But this is the type of damage that we’re finding around to the backside of the drywall where there’s some obvious mold like substance air handling system is located right next to where these issues were. There is no airflow in this house. Look at this tile and all the water staining I mean it’s all pulled up in here for dry it out on its own.

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