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Structural Issues with Balconies

BOSS Construction Group
Structural Issues with Balconies

I’m over here today in Sunny Isles Beach over at Winston towers, many buildings, large old buildings. A lot of concrete cracking. I was up here on the seventhteenth floor. And I’m not scared of heights, but the balcony was shifted. The stucco was cracking. So it looks likekind of a floating area. These buildings are going to go through their 40 year recertification, the rebar and the stucco and everything is going to have to be taken care of but a lot of structural issues with the balconies. We walk along the buildings, a lot of rebar exposed, a lot of floating balconies, meaning balconies have a belly underneath them. You can see some structural issues happening with them. We at BOSS Construction, we take care of these issues. We represent associations, we do 40 year re-certifications, we identify deficiencies.

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