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Waterfalls Permits | BOSS Construction Group

BOSS Construction Group
BOSS Construction Group
Waterfalls Permits | BOSS Construction Group

Just dealing with a waterfall that was done without a permit, and we’re working on this compliance issue. Now what’s really important is that all of these pieces of Slade and stone, they could become projectiles and go right into the building during hurricanes. This is a landscape company that actually built this waterfall. So we see the plumbing that they did. And the contractor bags they laid to line the waterfall. And then back here we have opened up open electrical juncture boxes. Again, this is the kind of stuff that really irritates me. Look at this. I mean, this is horrible. Someone can get electrocuted out here, the back of the waterfalls and even finish, electric overexposed. All these pieces of slate are not cemented down. So they need to be designed by an engineer. So in a hurricane, they won’t end up his project.


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