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Waterproofing it

BOSS Construction Group Podcast
BOSS Construction Group Podcast
Waterproofing it

Lot of the foliage of the trees up here, they go into the gutter, they don’t have wired screens, so they cause the gutters to clog up so when water you could show them this when water ponds up against the building and stucco needs to be patched like that. But again, that’s just a bandaid on the problem. But on the other side of this wall is the master bedroom and the kitchen. So there is water intrusion on the inside and the stucco. Just can’t be patched like that. That’s the skin of the building that needs to be waterproof. So for you property managers out there for you real estate experts out there. Again, we need to make sure that someone’s putting metal in for a DISH TV like that for a satellite dish that they are caulking everything with silicone and waterproofing it

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