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Roots Jack up the Pavers

BOSS Construction Group
BOSS Construction Group
Roots Jack up the Pavers

Contractor recommended that they read you know, some some, some people had some trip hazards over in this area, this little walking area with benches. So, a contractor had recommended contractor recommended they repaved the whole area. Again I’m looking out for the best interests of the association that what they did was they did pavers in between these protected oaks in the city of Hollywood. So the roots of those pavers, the roots jack up the pavers, similar to the roots jack up the concrete slabs. A lot of people want to do repairs, they want to shave concrete, shave it down, so it matches the joints. Those are just temporary band aids. If you don’t prune the roots properly from these trees, and you need to do it with a licensed arborist and you do it without killing the trees. You’re gonna have an issue with the city when you cut the trees you can’t hat rack the trees.

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