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Doing what’s necessary

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Doing what’s necessary

So, we’re helping these guys before their 40 year building inspection. We’re assisting them with finding deficiencies. So inside their budget, they can plan accordingly for any roofing or structural issues, and again, myself as an owners rep and a general contractor, I used to be a city inspector. We’re not selling them a new roof. We’re not looking to do work that doesn’t need it. We’re not in some, some 40 year recertification companies, and engineers create work for themselves or their subsidiaries. We’re strictly owners reps, we’re looking to do only what is necessary for the association in their best interest.

I recommend just putting rocks or restoring grass in here and removing the benches. I don’t want anyone else tripping over there. And I know that’s the best solution. Again, I’m not looking to sell them pavers, I’m not looking to shave down concrete. I’m looking to limit the liability of the association and do what’s best for the residents and the board

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