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Approved by the Association

BOSS Construction Group
Approved by the Association

Let me, let me give you a walk around the community and show you what’s going on.

Make sure that anyone doing any improvements to the structure that they are permitted and they are approved by the Association.

Now, so there is a unit owner doing an addition on the property. So, we made sure that edition was done right. We made sure that the roofing line was completely covered. And because the associations responsible for the roof, so if you look right here where that guy’s kneeling, where the fish and the soffit is, we made them replace the entire roof. They enclose the balcony about 1520 years ago, the windows are all busted up, there’s leaking happening on the inside. So they’re trying to tell our association, that it’s their responsibility to fix the inside when it’s not for the correct thing is for them to reapply to the association. get a permit from the city and get new windows in there.

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