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Grandfather Story

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Grandfather Story

I’m also really happy to be at Denny’s today, right here. I Denny’s, and I had a really good history. My grandfather who was a builder on Miami Beach, we always fight with, you know, a long time. And so we talked about he’s a builder. He says, Ben, why are you fixing building and code violations? You should be building your general contractor. I said, I love getting the deal done and providing resolutions and he always told me, you know, how he gave the fire marshal a big bag of cash in the 70s and 60s, and he thinks that’s how local government works today. And he’s used to go into Vegas and doing the wheel and dealing and I’m personally like, I told him, that’s not how local government works Grandpa Gill, and at that time, it was one one deal builders. He was the contractor. It was one guy giving him the loan. My dad was helping him sell the condominium.

And I want to do what I do on the other side of the counter. I want to do permit resolution and help people and help South Florida property owners and sellers and you know, everyone with these issues.

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