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$646,000 Lien we brought to the City’s Attention | BOSS Construction Group

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$646,000 Lien we brought to the City's Attention | BOSS Construction Group

Over here in beautiful North Miami. We see North Miami. Beautiful view on the 16th floor. Here on 135th Biscayne. We just closed out a kitchen and bathroom permit renovation, from a occupancy inspection. And we’re busy with commercial residential properties. Another case that we solved earlier this week was a $646,000 lien that we brought to the city’s attention that was not recorded properly. We got those fixed up, and we got everything cleaned and good to close. We’re about to head out over to Hallendale for a fence permit and a commercial property with 18 open permits and code violations. 18 open permits, so we have to figure out what is the resolution, how to solve these problems, guys, give me a call if you have any questions or need anything. Stay tuned for more. Thanks very much, guys. Bye.

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