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BOSS Construction Presentation Clip 2

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BOSS Construction Presentation Clip 2

Upcoming resolution education with Reliable Lien Search, here’s a preview, stay tuned for many live classes throughout South Florida IN JANUARY 2020.

Now that we’re done with residential, we’re going to move on to multifamily zoning verification. We’re going to touch on a little bit, which blends into all of our sections residential, commercial and industrial agents, real estate professionals do your due diligence. Don’t put, especially when you list a property, we don’t want to take pictures of violations. We don’t want to make misrepresentations on the MLS, which is the multiple listing service. In this case, this was a house in unincorporated Miami Dade County, just south of North Miami Beach. Again, everyone thought it was North Miami Beach or North Miami, but there are a lot of sections of unincorporated Dade County where you need to resort back to the county. Again just I say to people just because you see electrical service, our a lot of times water service. Not so much electrical but water service being a particular municipality doesn’t mean that it The properties within that municipality, just because you see North Miami Beach on the on the garbage cans doesn’t mean you’re within the city. So in this particular case on this street, we’re right on the border here. The agent went ahead and the agent wrote on the MLS, that you can rezone the property and put nine units. The reason why I brought this to your attention is because we did our zoning verification with Miami Dade County, making a couple calls. And we found out that you can only put four units on the property, maybe with a variance and keep in mind, there’s only two units existing on the property. So that makes a big difference with price. It makes a big difference with buyers expectations. It makes a big difference with representation on the MLS. So again, do your zoning verifications rely on a company like us for doing your land use zoning verifications, any type of occupancy license? cities like these, they’re starting to do licenses for a lot of people doing Airbnb, they’re looking for code enforcement issues. That way, they’re requesting them to get a license. Just as the hotels get a license, you want to operate your property as a hotel. So the city wants to come in there and make sure everything is code compliant. people doing property management, just your basic investors, your homeowners doing Airbnb on the side of their single family residents. Every situation is different. And we have to talk about that. So keep in mind, when you’re listing a property, you could give us a call at any time about any photographs, confirming the property appraiser updates, meaning if the property appraiser says it’s a three, two, and it’s a four, three in the field, a lot of these things we could correct. For example, in Miami Dade County, we’re correcting these using appraisals with a single family residence. So before this the city of Miami Gardens or any jurisdiction Going back to the occupancy as an inspection, we’re able to use an appraisal to go in the county and correct the bed and bath count really early in the game. And we’ll talk about early and being proactive really shortly to help save your transactions. Were able to help cure these problems before you list the property. Were able to help identify deficiencies before you list the property. I work with Ralph Megan. He’s an excellent Coldwell Banker agent all the time, he calls me for his re occupancy inspections in North Miami, in Miami Gardens. Again, these are things where the city’s coming on the property and they’re looking for deficiencies. So what if we can correct those deficiencies, the ones that are big and going to cause problems prior to the city coming out one of those being the bed and bath count. So if I can correct the bed and bath count on the property appraiser and not have to call the city out and get permits for re inspection, then that’s a good solution. Again, everything requires a different solution. So you could give us a call anytime if you need anything. This is an example of a commercial property in Miami Dade unincorporated off the a 26. And Flagler. This was a property It was a 10 unit,

five units on the bottom and five units on the top shopping center. And this was a property I was brought in by a good friend Carrie Linda Horvath. Excellent, excellent title agency. Look, the bottom line is we had for open permits. We had a code enforcement violation from the fire department. We had some liens on the property we had a flood on the property while the property was being listed. The point that I’m trying to make here is this example of this picture right here. This is a tenant who illegally sublease their property, a vacuum cleaning shop, so it’s a tutoring center. In a vacuum cleaning shop, why do I bring this to your attention is because in one of the units, there was some open burglar alarm electrical permits from 1992 and 1993. So this is where we get into technicalities permitting, I’m not just going to reopen the permit and call the county inspectors out. There. This was a case where we had to demolish some walls, get the old tenant out, because I know that when I call the electrical inspector out to close out these little burglar alarms, which are now wireless, we might have a problem passing inspection. Again, the tenant didn’t have an occupancy license, which is a business tax receipt, many different places. It’s called something different, but they didn’t have an occupational license. They were operating illegally, and we had to get them out prior to the transaction to close these permits and code violations. Again, a lot of this the property owner did not know about another thing. What happened in this situation was the property was going through a 40 year building inspection. So this is a case where you when when a building hits about 40 years old, you need to get the building recertified the roofing the electrical, the parking lot a DA requirements, which is American Disabilities Act, you need to bring the property into compliance. So we need to make sure that the owner who’s selling the property is represented properly. Obviously, the buyer of the property wants any improvement they could get done. So, again, we worked with our engineers, we developed some railing requirements. Some doorway requirements, some cost effective solutions for the seller so they can get through their 40 year cure their Ada violations and solve those issues. We also do this work for associations all of the time, and keep in throughout South Florida, we’re working with for example, Emerald oaks right now, townhouse communities, condominium associations, and keep in mind with these particular products with these particular products, a lot of engineers are coming in who do these 40 year certifications who work hand in hand with construction companies who are looking for work. So if you need a good owners rep, you could give us a call at any time. That’s something else that we focus on, that comes in the line of owners representation. The next slide is our industrial case. This is a property of Burris road why I bring up this property in this picture. This property involves a phase two environmental, which basically a couple sellers ago, property owners ago they did a phase two but they did an incomplete phase two, this property backs up to Florida Department of Transportation, or F dot land. It backs up to a Jason structure business Mrs. We save this buyer from 10s and millions of dollars in litigation. If the buyer would have purchased this property, which was previously contaminated, this would have been an issue again, so whether you’re doing residential, commercial or industrial real estate, it’s always important to do your own due diligence and not rely on sellers representation or in this case, misrepresentations. So, please keep in mind, soil, groundwater contamination, any of these issues, you buy a property, you’re inheriting these things. Okay? So and, and, and keep in mind, they’re very sensitive in nature, we’re able to handle those things for you at any point of time. It’s very important when someone needs an owner’s rep to look out for them. Now we’re going to get into best practices. This is my favorite part of all Because in all in my couple years of educating, being a municipal practitioner, being a real estate professional, what are your solutions? How can you eliminate problems when you list a property, sell a property, you own a property. This is where this comes into hand. This is a municipal lien search.

why this is so important specifically in our geographical region of South Florida, is because we have so many jurisdictions. We have so many building departments, and we have so much information that needs to be gathered. A municipal lien search includes tax summaries, special assessments, if you’re in a special district, water bills utility, any liens code violations on properties, but what’s the most important part of a municipal lien search, open building permits, open code violations, expired permits anything having a your property. So if we know about these things really early on, for example, a real estate professional might want to know about these things so they could best represent their seller better. We it’s important to know about deficiencies on properties, especially deficiencies number one that are going to delay a transaction buyer loses their rate lock seller needs to get extended, the buyer needs to buyer and seller need to extend the contract. And and something else that happens is deals get lost because of this. Why do deals get lost because of this? Because of rate locks. People are going to lose their financing if they don’t close in a certain time because of inspection periods. Usually permits and open permits and code violations are found out outside the inspection period. So you’re representing a buyer you think you’re going to go to a seller once for deficiencies during your regular home inspection and In a second time, once you get the results of the lien search, it’s very important. We do a lot of education. We work with a lot of Real Estate Attorneys and title companies. And we teach people the language to put in your contract. To prevent these things from happening. We teach people like this municipal lien search, best practices, we’ve partnered up with an amazing company, reliable lien search. And that’s what we’re going to be talking about. We’re going to be going over some of their lien searches, and how they can help you. Again, this is before you get to the closing table, before you get under contract. So we can know about deficiencies and properties before I go over lean searches. Again, I want to reiterate, this is a South Florida problem because of the nature of our environment, not the not the ecosystem, the business climate. Because of the nature of what’s going on here. We want to make sure that We have a lot of open permits. We have a lot of code violations. We have a lot of flags and building departments. These are coming up on a lot of transactions, some of which are multiple owners old, the state of Florida just passed House bill that that is going to help you guys that is going to help alleviate open an expired permits that are over a certain amount years old and not hold previous property owners liable for the work of not hold existing property owners for the for the work that was done by previous owners that might have resulted in a code violation. This even the state legislature and the Board of realtors and particularly the Miami Board of realtors, the leadership lobbied very hard there. So again, this is a start to a good beginning.

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