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Interview Eric Zarazed from EZ2Lend | BOSS Construction Group

BOSS Construction Group Podcast
Interview Eric Zarazed from EZ2Lend | BOSS Construction Group

Erik: If you guys find yourself running into those type of difficulties, when it comes to your closing that you need somebody that not only knows the law, knows how to get it done, come reach out to Ben. All right,

Ben: I had an issue, earlier today. Where a permit processor. Someone who just process is permits who wasn’t a general contractor, brought Miami-Dade County on the property and they went ahead to close a roofing permit. But the processor didn’t know the building code and there was a bedroom and bathroom in the garage. So now they have all sorts of code violations. I would have said to those guys put on a new roof for $15,000 a shingle roof. Now they have to spend $15,000 with a demo permit demoing that stuff. So it’s always a hardship situations for the seller. So I’m here to help them through those things. Thanks man.

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