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Interview with Mitch Feinglas from Max Home Inspections

BOSS Construction Group Podcast
BOSS Construction Group Podcast
Interview with Mitch Feinglas from Max Home Inspections

Ben: Hi, my name is Ben from BOSS Construction. I’m here with Mitch from Max Home Inspections. And we wanted to talk about the importance of identifying deficiencies on properties whether they’re through Home Inspections, or they’re open permit in code violations. What are some examples of things that you guys have experienced lately?

Mitch: The buyer inquire about to spend more money on this property inspector anything before my flight 5044 The first thing we look at it’s a roof. What’s the age of the roof for two conditions of what is it currently waiting for evidence. Is it currently leaking? We look for evidence of that of that in the Attic. Most people think you got to go up on the roof and scratch around up there or no?

In the Attic is a place to really look for the problems of the roof. Bringing permits into it. Let’s say the roof racks and says it’s 15 years old we go there and look at through this is wow. This roof looks either 50 years old or the brand new either way. It’s crap. So we we we always make a suggestion that you need to check the permit and see if it was actually done and complete this a lot of time for permit good job out of the house. And of course is open. So we always recommend to check the voltage Lounge.

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