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Interview with Leandro Figuereo from Performance Title | BOSS Construction Group

BOSS Construction Group Podcast
BOSS Construction Group Podcast
Interview with Leandro Figuereo from Performance Title | BOSS Construction Group

Leandro Figuero is Director Of Regional Sales And Marketing at Performance Title inc.

I’m over here with Leandro and I want to ask him a couple questions about the importance of lien searches and knowing about open permits and things like that. What generally happens in that process?

Leandro: The burden is on the title company to get, whether you’re selling or buying across the finish line. So you got to make sure you contact the cities, you got if you want to keep your buyers and sellers inform as well as your agents and your lenders is because you want to keep the communication process nice and open as you get towards the end of the process.

Ben: What I am trying to teach agents to do is when they take the listing to have the seller call the city, “Hey my name is Ben, I have a house here in Weston, do I have open permits”, they don’t know about these issues and they can’t contact the previous contractor.

Leandro: right, often times we’ve seen situations where actually my own personal home, alarm company didn’t finish out the permit, we go to sell, hey news flash guys, you have a open permit, It hasn’t been closed down

Ben: Excellent title company providing an excellent level of service to the agents and Property Owners selling their property.


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