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Interview with Jill Hertzberg from The Jills | BOSS Construction Group

Interview with Jill Kaufman Hertzberg from The Jills Zeder Group

Jill Hertzberg: I would say that when I first got out of school, I work for a department store called Burdines and then I had three kids and I quit and then I was trying to find something that was flexible with the hours. And so someone suggested to become a realtor

Ben: Thats cool

Jill: And here I am. In the beginning, be focused on a certain area, because I had three kids so I went to the real estate office closest to me that ended being my strength because it was Miami Beach and knowledge is power. So I started to really understand it and learn it.

So anyone can do it anyone can do it. You just have to make in your head a decision that this is important to you. This is a career. This isn’t just a hobby and you work hard and you just keep doing it and it will happen.

Ben: Its a lifestyle.

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