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Project: Electrical Connections on Rooftop | BOSS Construction Group

BOSS Construction Group
Project: Electrical Connections on Rooftop | BOSS Construction Group

Ben Sens, President of BOSS Construction Group, had a project in Miami solving electrical issues on a rooftop. Carlos Castano, from D-Air Conditioning Company, assisted in this project.

Ben: We’re here today with our plumbing and mechanical expert. His name is Carlos Castano. He’s from the air conditioning company. He helps us out with all our compliance issues and keep in mind, today we’re up here on the roof and we’re trying to get it to pass inspection trying to make sure that the racking is right the roof top rack. It’s not sitting on the floor making sure the electrical connections are correct and nothing is exposed and everything is code compliant.

Carlos: The code requires a minimum of 14 seers

Ben: ok

Carlos: So, you have to have a certificate

Ben: ok

Carlos: You know for an independent company that is certifies the deficiencies are there, you know, they are required. (786) 390-1532.

Ben: Please like our Facebook page, I always try to share these experiences with people because we hear people talking construction professionals, contractors, but I like to visually show everyone what we’re talking about.

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