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Interview with Benny from Benny Jack Antiques | BOSS Construction Group

Ben: We’re having a really fun time educating people in Dallas. I’m over here Benny Jack Antiques over in Dallas. What’s up, man?

Benny: How you doing

Ben: You have an antique store and you have many antique store, right?

Benny: We have four between my wife and I.

Ben: Thats cool

Ben: You have a lot of taxidermy stuff, right?

Benny: Yeah

Ben: That’s very cool.

Benny: This is a rare piece. Its a dog, you never see a dog (taxidermy)

Ben: And this is a ….

Benny: Beaver

Ben: Thats really cool And then like a lot of things are like like collectibles like I mean like this is it this is amazing. I want to put it in my house. For my daughter

Benny: I collect anything that is creepy, and religious stuff, taxidermy. Anything that is really creepy. When you see it kind of get you ugh.

Ben: Thank you so much for having us in your store. Giving us advice about Dallas and stuff and my wife and all her friends enjoy coming in here. Thanks so much.


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