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Turntable in Texas | BOSS Construction Group

BOSS Construction Group Podcast
BOSS Construction Group Podcast
Turntable in Texas | BOSS Construction Group

I’m over here today in Dallas. We actually flew into Dallas and now we’re in Fort Worth over here at the shipping and Stockyard station, really really cool stuff. This is something that I actually haven’t seen before. There’s some old historic mazes here and antique roads.
Watering holes, rodeo rides. But this is a turntable. I’ve never seen one of these turntables before. iI’s amazing structural engineer who designed these things. That’s an amazing engine in the turntable house. And this is how they turn the trains around.
Its kind of like a dead-end. I thought this was like a a reservoir of some type or but it’s it’s transportation infrastructure is pretty cool stuff . We don’t have this stuff in South Florida, you know, nothing like this here. Everything’s bolted down. All red pavers. you guys need anything, please like our Facebook page, Boss Construction Group open permit code violation solution.

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