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So what are you guys going to do when you find something? | BOSS Construction Group

So what are you guys going to do when you find something? First, I’m going to send you the tools that you can use to find out these things. You’re going to call me with the permit number. So from the permit number. I can sometimes see with the deficiencies were. Was the permit not closed because there were no plans and permit card on the site and the owner didn’t let the city? Was the permit not closed because it failed inspection because it had deficiencies? Or they found other work without a permit on the site? I’ve seen a lot of Realtors try and facilitate this process. Again because the seller can’t contact the contractor. They, a lot of times the city doesn’t let them close it out as an owner. So naturally, not to agents owns fault and I was an agent. The agents are protecting their transaction trying to do everything that they can to take it to the finish line. Why I don’t like agents dealing with this is because one thing leads to another with the city and something goes wrong they’re going to blame you. They’re going to go after your commission. They’re going to say look, its a hardship situation, which is which it always is. You made this worse. That’s why I’m a code compliance professional. I’m a general contractor and this is what I do.

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