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Interview with Don Church from Trinity Lutheran Church in Fort Lauderdale | BOSS Construction Group

Ben: Hi, this is Benjamin Sens from Boss Construction Group. I’m over here with Don Church today over at Trinity Lutheran Church in Fort Lauderdale. And we’re over here at their school performing their 40-year recertification inspection as well as closing out some open permits. And what are the things that you guys encounter as far as with the city. And challenges.

Don: The challenges we had to upgrade the electrical panels. We had to make sure the roof was done properly with all the work. We had to make sure that the fire escapes in the fire warning signs and the exit morning signs inside the classrooms were done properly. So we had all those things to deal with.

Ben: And how’s everything going with Don Arpin our engineer, our permitting services and everything that we’re doing here.

Don: Awesome. We are getting a punch list. We are going go ahead and get the electrician scheduled to get out here to get all that done. We’re having the roofers come over here and make sure its all set and ready to go..

Ben: Absolutely. We were saving Trinity Lutheran Church a lot of time and money by closing out their open permits. By handling their 4 year recertification with our engineer Don Arpin. If you guys ever need anything throughout South Florida, this is what we do. Permitting & code complying specialist. Again, I’m over here with Don Church at the Trinity Lutheran Church over here in Fort Lauderdale. Thank you so much.

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