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Trinity Lutheran Church in Fort Lauderdale | BOSS Construction Group

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Trinity Lutheran Church in Fort Lauderdale | BOSS Construction Group

Trinity Lutheran Church in Fort Lauderdale
40 year Building Certification Inspection
Permitting After the Fact Structures
Saving our clients lots of money.

Good morning everyone, this is Ben from Boss Construction Group your South Florida permitting and Code Compliance. I’m over here on the rooftop of a church in the city of Fort Lauderdale. The church decided to rent out the property and we are performing the 40-year building inspection and also closing out some open permits. I have over here Don Arpin, our engineer, and we’re up here inspecting the roof. So basically, what they did was they put a coating on this roof, right Don? And as far as AC and everything, everything looks fine up here. We’re going to walk the property.

Yes. Everything in compliance here.

Ok. We’re definitely in compliance here. With the coating and all the elastomeric. We just need to go past the city of Fort Lauderdale for the building inspection of the roof and over here is the walkway, which we’re permitting. So again, we’re over here completing this process saving the church a lot of time and a lot of money by handling their 40-year recertification.

So they are not found in violation over by the city, we’re going to try and permit the roof as is. Do as built drawings for this walkway over the classrooms. If you need anything, 40 year Building Inspections, zoning verifications any as built, unpermitted work, expired permits, give us a call, like our Facebook page and Don and I work together every day to bring compliance to residents and business owners in South, Florida.

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