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You Can Close with Open Permits | BOSS Construction Group

BOSS Construction Group
You Can Close with Open Permits | BOSS Construction Group

You can close with open permits and sometimes I tell agents to do that all the time. Why do I tell agents to do all the time? I’ll give an example of Sunny Isles from last week. Agents says, in any City really? It’s a condo not a single family. Every situation is different agent says I have an open flooring permit. I say, okay, but we got to see if it’s out has soundproofing because it’s above the first floor guy. I saw pictures of the listing I went on to the MLS because I have access and I’m like this guy renovated the entire unit without permits not 10 years ago 4 years ago. So again, I directed the agent to say hey, you need to tell the buyer that if they want this unit. We can close out the flooring permit explain to them the situation move on with your transaction called a $10,000 whatever you want to do. You know, I’m not trying to spend other people’s money. I’m just trying to value a things properly and keep the transaction going.

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